About the Conference

International Conference on Multifunctional and Hybrid Composite materials for Energy, Environment and Medical applications (ICMHCEE 2019) aims to bring together leading academic, scientists, and industries to exchange their experiences in all aspects of multifunctional hybrid materials. This conference also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform to discuss the most recent innovations, practical challenges and solutions to be adopted in the fields of hybrid materials for chemical process, energy, environment and medical applications.


This conference theme is to explore innovations in the field of hybrid composite materials for various applications. Chemical process, energy, the environment and medical have appeared as planned priorities in all features of our lives. Multifunctional and hybrid composite materials have previously established good promise in tackling and providing solutions in each of above-mentioned priority areas. The sharing interest and expertise of the delegates presumably aid the participants to explore opportunities for hybrid materials for better application in various fields. This interdisciplinary conference would open the door to improve the professional expertise of participants especially for young researchers.